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Here at Brands Band we believe in sheer determination, motivation, and a can do attitude to get the job done each and every time. At Brands Band we have an undying willingness to change, overcome, and conquer all obstacles. We provide the substance needed to develop brilliantly sharp, professional and dominating champions, in other words an entrepreneur.

Not only do we practice and encourage the dynamics of teamwork here at Brands Band, but we also implement the philosophy of going the extra mile and providing the ideal support system for our team members to establish the foundation needed for them to maximize their growth potential and thrive within the business.  In terms of opportunity Brands Band is dedicated to not only enhancing our client’s image but also increasing their annual revenue.

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What We’re About

At Brands Band we believe in the power and influence of encouraging people to be empowered to conquer life’s challenges and excel in the business world. We maintain a positive and upbeat environment using loud music, high fives, and constant positive reinforcement in a professional setting by building and empowering today’s future leaders. With today’s constant technological advances and use of social media outlets a simple face-to-face conversation has become obscure, but we at Brands Band still believe in is the power of a smile, firm handshake, and constructive conversation to be some of today’s best business practices. Our outstanding approach and unique, profound culture have been our main catalysts to aid us in the expansion of our business.  Our positively energetic atmosphere here at Brands Band keeps our team members invested, motivated and constantly growing.

Our Methods

At Brands Band we have the distinct pleasure of partnering with some of the world’s largest brands, due to our amazing tactics, spirit, work ethic, and commitment to results. At our firm we focus on live marketing and new client acquisitions, simply meaning we credit ourselves on working directly with customers doing live consultations on a day-to-day basis.

Professional Service

Our clients trust us to personally develop, manage, and maintain their customer accounts, due to the inadequacies of indirect marketing.  At Brands Band training is the core component in developing top performers who efficiently over see our client’s accounts in a professional and profitable manner. Priding ourselves on only promoting from within, our management team are experts in knowing exactly what is required to supersede the expectations of our client.

Why choose us?


Live marketing has proven to be a game changer not only here at Brands Band, but also for the many clients we do support. Brands Band specializes in working with the largest organizations across the world to aid them with establishing quality, long lasting relationships with their customer base.

We’re Creative

Our innovative approaches with our live interactions combined with advanced technology and our stellar support system is the ammunition needed to aid in the advancement of branding, increasing revenue, and overall growth of our clients.

Our Ethos

Our expertise here at Brands Band combined with our core beliefs of a strong work ethic construct remarkable results for our clients and makes us one of the most rapidly thriving marketing firms in the US.

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Want to join our team? Brands Band’s team members meet with our clients daily to offer new customer acquisitions as well as assist with maintaining and troubleshooting current customer accounts. We also take pleasure in helping customers to address their accounts to fit their specific needs. In the morning our team members participate in our upbeat office atmosphere, which allows a fresh start to the day. We implement many training exercises, as well as goal setting both individually and as a team. Apply now!




1230 Peachtree St NE Suite 1900, Atlanta, GA 30309

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